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Fergussons Auto Services Sutton is equipped with the latest equipment and is looked after by a team of professional, reliable mechanics. Our team is made up of local people too and that’s exactly why we’re passionate about helping our community and keeping them safe on the road. Our technicians have been trained to the highest standards and have a lot of practical experience and knowledge of the motor industry. We can proudly offer quality workmanship on all the vehicles that pass through our garage.


State of the art repair services

Our garage is the ideal location to get your vehicle repaired as we want to help our customers get the most out of their vehicle. Our facilities are maintained to the highest standard and it allows us to repair your vehicle. Our highly-skilled mechanics can take on all types of repairs including routine servicing, MOT’s, air conditioning, clutches, dash warning lights, timing belts, exhausts, gearbox, head gaskets, and suspension. When we recommend work on any vehicles, we always keep our customers in mind – this is why we will always offer practical advice and give competitive quotes before we take on any work.

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Brake checks and replacements for your vehicle

One of the repairs and checks that we offer are for vehicle brakes as they contribute to keeping you safe when you drive. Vehicle brakes are very important as they keep you in control of your vehicle. The components of your vehicle’s braking system include a master cylinder, servo, brake calipers, brake fluid and cylinders, discs, drums, pads and shoes. Keeping all of these parts working can be hard work for your vehicle and that’s why we can offer brake checks on your vehicle to ensure they’re working efficiently. Another service we can offer is brake inspections – this involves us looking at all parts of your brakes to ensure they’re working properly and there’s no potential damage. When the check is complete we can give you feedback. If something doesn’t look right we’ll tell you what your options are before we start any more work.


Repairs av`ailable for a wide range of vehicles

As well as offering all of these services we can also offer other services including air conditioning services and car diagnostic tests – this is thanks to our specialist equipment. All of these are available at competitive prices from our local garage. Fergussons Auto Services Sutton is a proud independent garage that has been working in the motor industry for many years. We’re trusted within our local community and that’s because we’re a local business run by local people.

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You can get your vehicle repaired with us for six days of the week as we’re open from Monday to Saturday. We’re conveniently located on Milden Road in Sutton, South London which is just one mile away from Sutton Common Railway Station. Contact us today for more information, our mechanics are more than happy to help!

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